Faith Refreshed - A Slow Walk with Jesus by Debbie Ashley

Finding a Simple Faith

Do you ever long for a simple faith? I know I do. Life can feel difficult on so many levels. So where can we turn to find a faith that carries us through the complexities of life?

Recently I have been working on edits for my upcoming book, Faith Refreshed: a Slow Walk with Jesus. This devotional book is a journey through the Gospels, specifically looking at the life of Jesus and his teachings about faith.

During my study, I have come to realize just how often Jesus rested. Or stepped aside to a quiet place to pray. Or sent his disciples on ahead across the sea of Galilee while he went up into the mountain to be with his Father. Or cooked a simple meal on the beach so he could talk with his disciples.

By all human standards, we would assume Jesus to be a person with a busy schedule and a lot of stress to deal with. Kind of like us. Always working on the next thing or planning the next event. While Jesus certainly dealt with stress and difficulty, he was never in a hurry.

Jesus also didn’t make things complicated. He was a master of simplicity. He told stories. He walked. He healed a blind man’s eyes with mud. He repeated themes in his teachings so we would eventually learn. He patiently explained his coming death and resurrection to his disciples often, even though they didn’t get it.

It is easy to make our faith complicated, multi-layered. To believe in God’s amazing grace yet feel like we owe God something. To accept God’s love for us yet always wonder if He is unhappy with us. To berate ourselves for not doing enough, while Jesus waits for us to realize He is enough.

May I encourage you, friend? Take time to discover a simple faith, one that rests in the love and salvation of Jesus. Like Jesus, take time to find a quiet place to pray. Maybe cook a simple meal just to have time to talk with friends. And simply rest in God’s amazing grace for you.

Debbie Ashley

Hello! I’m Debbie — Lover of Jesus, Pastor’s Wife, Mom, Encourager, Hobby Gardener and passionate about the simple pleasures of life.

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