The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado with Jenna, Andrea & Sara Lucado Illustrated by Liz Bonham

A Simple Christmas: Our Favorite Stories

The stories of Christmas seem to have a way of drawing us into the season in a special way. No matter how many Christmas stories we have read (or how many Hallmark movies we have watched!), there is always room for one more. So as I continue to share our family’s Five Favorite Christmas stories, I hope this book will find a place in your own library and even in your family’s seasonal traditions.

Today’s story, The Crippled Lamb, is written by famed author Max Lucado, with contributions from his three children. Young and old will be drawn into this story of Joshua, a little lamb who missed out on things the other lambs could enjoy. Things like being able to run and play, because he was born with a crippled leg. Or being able to spend time with his family – for Joshua was an orphan. Though Joshua may not have had many friends, he did have one special friend – Abigail.

The Crippled LambJoshua learns many things from Abigail as she looks out for him. Like what to do when someone calls him a bad name or makes fun of him. Or how to handle his feelings when he feels left out. Things we all feel sometimes, right? But just when Joshua was beginning to think nothing special would ever happen for him, he found himself part of a wondrous scene, an experience he would never forget. And the lesson Joshua learned from this experience changed him forever.

If you can identify with any of Joshua’s feelings, or you know of a child who does, this story is the perfect way to open the door to some very special conversations, at Christmas time or any other time. And the ending of the story speaks to every person, for we all long to find our special place in this world.



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